Price Analysis of Trias Token (TRIAS) and Chromia (CHR)

Trias Token Price Surges by 29.39%

The price of Trias Token has experienced a noteworthy push in the past 24-hours, pushing the trading value of Trias Token to 5.23 per TRIAS. Before the rally had kicked in, the trading value of the TRIAS/USDT pair was worth $4.09 per TRIAS.

The trading volume for Trias Token has elevated by 152.64% in a 24-hour window, bringing the volume up to $9,374,257.

As the trading volume keeps growing higher, the valuation for Trias Token may also surge to higher values. At the time of writing, the valuation for Trias Token stands at $8,358,864, and it has reached the level following a 28.16% surge.

If the rally continues and keeps getting stronger, the trading price of Trias Token may get pushed up to a new high of $5.99 per TRIAS.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may continue going for higher gains of Trias Token, which would eventually push the price of Trias Token to a high of $6.88 per TRIAS.

As Trias Token’s price grows higher, the trend would become highly bullish, pushing the RSI and the moving averages to the positive side. This would result in pushing the value of Trias Token to a high of $7.89 per TRIAS.

Chromia Price Surges by 29.34%

Chromia investors have also started rallying at a high rate in the past 24-hours. So far, the efforts have managed to push the price of Chromia to a high of 0.6657 per CHR. The report shows it was a 29.34% rally that resulted in pushing the price of Chromia to a high figure.

At the moment, the trading volume for Chromia is at a high of $189,101,984. The volume has reportedly experienced a 126.42% surge in the past 24-hours, which shows that the bulls are getting ready for a strong push.

As the situation keeps transitioning more into the bullish zone, Chromia will have a higher chance of rising into the resistance zone. There, the first high mark the bulls may try to hit would be $0.7633, followed by the second push, bringing Chromia to $0.8753 per CHR.

As the bulls keep accumulating Chromia at a higher rate, it may end up moving within the high resistance zone. This would mean that the price of Chromia may have the opportunity of hitting the $1 per CHR milestone.

On the other hand, the bears may launch their selling attack and do not let the bulls push Chromia over the $0.6657 per CHR price. This would result in Chromia getting pushed below the $0.6300 per CHR price. If the selling spree continues intensifying, then the price of Chromia may get pushed down to $0.6000

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