Price Analysis of VCGamers (VCG) and Rogue Doge (ROGE)

In the past 24-hours, VCGamers (VCG) has observed a 105.79% rally. Because of strong support from the bulls in forming a huge rally, the price of VCGamers has grown up to $0.1444 per VCG.

Over time, the investors are expected to join hands with the bulls and witness a significant surge in VCGamers. The data suggest that the contribution of the investors towards VCGamers would help in pushing its price higher.

If the investors keep the momentum going in favor of VCGamers, then its price may continue surging. At the moment, the first strong resistance mark the investors are aiming for is $0.2971 per VCG. If the momentum keeps building, then the price of VCGamers may continue to grow higher.

As of now, the sentiments of the investors are really high and strong in VCGamers. Therefore, they may continue buying VCGamers in order to cause another swell in its value. Even the trading volume for VCGamers has surged by 571.22%, and the volume being recorded for VCGamers is now $2,575,912.

As the volume keeps growing, so will the confidence of the investors in accumulating VCGamers. The constant rise in its price may continue attracting more investors willing to contribute towards VCGamers’ price rise.

In the upcoming days, the investors may continue increasing their buying power to push VCGamers all the way up to $0.4543. At present, even the RSI for VCGamers is in favor of a bullish trend as it is moving in the positive territory.

This gives further assurance to the investors that the upward trend is set for good in favor of VCGamers. If the investors keep increasing their buying power, then the value of VCGamers may surge to $0.5745 per VCG.

Then comes Rogue Doge (ROGE) which is also surfing on high waves with the help of a strong rally that is constantly pushing its price higher. For now, the rally being observed for Rogue Doge is 73.25% has resulted in bringing the price of Rogue Doge up to $0.00000000004231 per ROGE.

The performance scale for Rogue Doge displays that the level of interest of investors in pushing Rogue Doge’s price higher is a lot more than the bears.

Therefore, the price of Rogue Doge may rise up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.00000000007330). If the investors remain confident and they keep adding more money to the cause, then the price of Rogue Doge may rise up to $0.0000000001001.

Once Rogue Doge hits the second strong resistance mark, the oscillators may also start displaying a bullish run. The RSI is already in the positive zone and if it travels even higher, then the price of Rogue Doge may grow up to its third strong resistance mark ($0.0000000001185).

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