Price Analysis of WalMeta (WALMETA) and HeroFi (ROFI)

As of now, several cryptocurrencies have observed huge rallies, bringing their unit prices much higher than the prices observed 24-hours back. At the moment, the cryptocurrency demonstrating really high gains is WalMeta (WALMETA) which has reportedly surged by 386.11% in the past 24-hour window.

Due to the surge, WalMeta’s price has grown up to $0.1184 per WALMETA. On a positive note, the rally may continue for a longer period of time with high sentiments of the investors. This may help push WalMeta’s price up to its first strong resistance mark of $0.2960.

As the motion continues from the investors’ side, the price of WalMeta may continue rising, hitting the next strong resistance mark ($0.5180). A constant rally may help push the price of WalMeta over the third strong resistance mark ($0.7148).

On the negative side, if the investors decide to side with the bears, then it would end the rally period and trigger a selling spree. At this point, the price of WalMeta may start plummeting, coming down to the first strong support mark ($0.05920).

As the investors keep losing their interest in keeping up the bullish run for WalMeta, the price of WalMeta may continue plunging further. This would cause a huge dip in the price of WalMeta, bringing it down to $0.01480.

If the selling spree continues, then the “sell” sentiments of the investors may turn into “strong sell” sentiments. This would trigger another major selling spree for WalMeta, bringing its value down to $0.0091760.

Then there is HeroFi (ROFI) which is also experiencing a high trend in terms of its unit price. The price of WalMeta has reportedly risen up to $1.30, after recording a 119.29% rally.

If the investors are able to strengthen themselves against the bears, they may continue with the strong buying rally. This would keep pushing the price of HeroFi to a higher rank, bringing it all the way up to its first strong resistance point ($2.07).

As the investors keep gaining confidence, they may continue pushing with more buying force. This would eventually result in pushing HeroFi’s price up to the second strong resistance mark ($2.69).

If the rallies continue for a longer period of time, then more support may come in from the investors. This would help in keeping the rally going for a longer period of time and may push HeroFi up to the third strong resistance mark ($3.09).

On the contrary, the RSI may kick in and as it is currently traveling in the negative territory, it may force the investors to follow the same trend. This would result in pulling HeroFi’s price down to $0.97. If the selling spree intensifies, then the price of HeroFi may dive, even more, coming down to $0.853.

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