Bitcoin Reaches Spanish Parliament As 350 Deputies of Congress Now Hold their First BTC

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) continues as the world’s largest cryptocurrency has now reached the Spanish Parliament as well. According to an article report of ABC, all of the 350 “Deputies of Congress” are now holding their first-ever Bitcoin (BTC).  They became the holders of Bitcoin after they received euro in cryptocurrency recently as part of a campaign.

350 new holders of Bitcoin

Reportedly, 350 members (Deputies of Congress) of the parliament of Spain are the new holders of Bitcoin. They have been given euro worth of BTC as part of a campaign that focuses on the awareness of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Blockchain Observatory, a blockchain-centered educational platform and Tutellus have together initiated an educational campaign.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness regarding the role of digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and the blockchain technology that they can play in transforming the society and economy of the country. This campaign has been launched to further promote the role of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Initially, these organizations planned to send one euro worth of BTC to these members of parliament one by one. However, the email addresses of all of the members were not available to both organizations. Therefore, they sent euro in bitcoin to the representatives of ten parliamentary groups in the house.

Opportunity for members to get in touch with cryptocurrency

As per a blog post by Blockchain Observatory, some honorable members in the parliament have already earned experience in utilizing digital currencies. Now they are offering this opportunity to all of the members present in the chamber to make experiments with this new money. That is the objective of this campaign, as per the report.

Commenting on this, the founder of Tutellus Miguel Caballero said that no one should consider this act as a donation.  Caballero said that they want to give an opportunity to those who do not have any experience in the use of digital assets and are still unfamiliar with this asset class. This is great opportunity for them to get in touch with digital currencies and their use.

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